About Kelley Sights for Soule and Front Sights for Blackpowder Rifles

Kelley Soule Sights

Kelley Soule Sights are CNC machined from solid stock. They have silicon bronze elevation and windage bearings, with 27 ½ minutes of windage on each side of zero. Elevation calibrations are in one minute of arc (MOA). Sight comes with adjustable eye cup. Main Frame, base and eye cup are Color Case Hardened.

Three sights available: The Long Range Sight , the Silhouette Sight , and the Schuetzen Sight.

Also available are added length staffs.

Kelley K.O.S Sights

The Kelley Offset Sight (K.O.S.) is patterned from the Goodwin tyle Creedmoor sight with the staff off center to the axis of the barrel. This design gives easy access to the breach without moving the sight. This is especially helpful to those who like to clean between shots.

Three sights available: The K.O.S. Long Range Sight , the K.O.S. Mid Range Sight , and the K.O.S. Short Range Sight.

Kelley Front Sights

Kelley Front Sights are CNC machined from solid stock and color case hardened. They are designed to accept the Lyman 17A type insert (not included). The Sights have a cam adjusting screw to lock the sight firmly in place.

Two types of front sights available: A Long Globe Sight and the Standard Sight