Testimonials for Kelley Sights for Soule and Front Sights for Blackpowder Rifles

A Few Testamonials

"I've got a Cimarron Billie Dixon Rifle with some Kelley soule sights on it and I shoot as good with that bad girl as I do with a scope."

Last year I bought a Browning BPCR in 45-70. The Tang sight had been replaced with a Kelly Soule sight. I replaced the eye piece with a Hadley eye piece also. I particularly like the case hardened appearance, of the Kelly sight.

"Please let me help you with some decent advice on Soule sights. I have Kelley, MVA, and Heilman. All have been shot plenty. My fav is the Kelley, because I can see the markings easier than the MVA. The Kelley and the MVA are both top quality and very repeatable.
The Kelley I have is about 6-7 years old. It has been sent back for repairs twice and was repaired in a timely manner both times and both mishaps were MY fault. They charged a minimal fee to fix the sights ..."


"I got the sight back on Monday. Everything is just like I wanted it, you really did a good job. Thank you."

...Jim, I want to thank you for the sight you built that a friend gave me as part payment for a stock and gun I built him. You made a special pivot screw for me and sent it up. On Friday afternoon last, I won the Silver medal for the BP1000 Yard Canadian National Black Powder Competition in Ottawa. I also won a Bronze medal for the 300 metre Victorian Match, and one of my friends, using his Kelly Sight, took a Bronze medal in the 600 metre Wimbledon Match. Without your sight, there was no chance in a million that I would have won using the sights I try making in my little shop. The precision in the adjustments your sight has, put me just under Frank Monikowski who took Gold. I suppose there are few greater pleasures than the knowledge of one's role in the success of knowing someone benefitted from the part one played in that success.
Thank you Jim.

Sandy Post

Hi Jim,
The Soule sight arrived today thank you! As always your sights are exceptional and without equal. I am sure a lot of people are put off by the price, but as a mechanical engineer and gun maker myself, I do appreciate your sights for what they are truly worth and their beauty. To me a traditional firearm must be pleasing to the eye, and that includes it's components. There are a lot of cheaper sights out there that function in a similar manner, but absolutely nothing that compares with yours in function and beauty, and I would put nothing else on my guns.
Thank you,

Charle Weyrauch